July 20, 2024


The American Revolution

The course begins when America was occupied by common ordinary men and women whose only desire was to live their lives in a free society apart from the oppression by the British monarchy of King George III.  This course is replete with audio-visual aids, printable workbooks, progress...

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Think About Science

A science course for kids is great way to spark their curiosity, develop their critical thinking skills, and cultivate a love of learning. Here are some concepts we considered when we developed the Think About Science program for kids: Determined  the age range: Decide on the age range of...

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Combat Gaming Addiction

Gaming Addiction is not different from any other types of addiction that are present in the human nature nowadays. Such type of addiction is not unstoppable and these are so many ways to prevent its negative effects. In order to save its victims from misery and lack of discipline in life...

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