June 21, 2024

About Us

Jim Long

The Creative Guy

Jellybean Academy and Jellybean Television were conceived by the creative mind of Jim Long, who recently entered a state of retirement (well, kind of) following a remarkable career spanning over 40 years as a Television Broadcast Engineer.   Alongside his professional endeavors, Jim also successfully owned and operated an Electronics Technical School in St. Louis while managing a local photography/video studio with his family. Now, in his retirement phase (though it’s a somewhat flexible concept for him), Jim has dedicated his heart and soul to curating an extensive collection of multimedia content suitable for the entire family, available round the clock.  Leveraging his talents and imagination, Jim serves as the primary video editor, breathing new life into animated graphics, and developing interactive multimedia Flip Books, and videos which are shared with the members of Jellybean Academy.

Gary Leu

The Nuts n’ Bolts Guy

Gary, an integral part of the Jellybean team, thrives behind the scenes, gladly taking on assignments with Jim and Professor JB.  Notably, his voice brings to life various animal characters in our books and videos, and his soothing narrations captivate listeners. When not immersed in the audio studio, Gary can be found in front of his Mac computer, often with a slightly disheveled appearance, as he tirelessly works to transform Jim’s latest “brainstorm idea” into reality. “I just had an epiphany,” his most recent text message exclaimed.  Above all, Gary recognizes that “It’s all for the Lord.” Whether donning his Webmaster’s hat or addressing the microphone, he considers himself blessed to be a part of the Jellybean Team, dedicated to sharing the Good News and reaching out to children.

  • With all the activities in which today’s families are involved, it’s getting harder and harder to get everyone to spend quality time together.  
  • Jellybean Academy delivers family-friendly Books, Videos and Courses designed to be educational, entertaining, and uplifting for the entire family.
  • Jellybean Television offers a video-on-demand archive library accessible 24/7. 
  • Jellybean Academy is accessible 24/7 for Premium Subscribers.
  • We are always looking for more great media products to add to our growing library. Keeping in mind our core family values, if you have any material you think we might be interested in, please contact us right away. We would love to consider all contributions.