May 17, 2024

Raspberry Pi Ninja Special Ops Technical Agent Training - Module 1 - Premium Course


Join Jellybean Academy on a journey of exploration with the Raspberry Pi Ninja Special Ops Technical Agent Training Program.

The Raspberry Pi is a versatile and accessible mini-computer. This course is designed to guide you through the process of getting started and discovering the countless applications and uses of the Raspberry Pi.

You'll begin by learning how to set up and prepare your Raspberry Pi for use. From there, you'll dive into the exciting possibilities it offers. Explore how the Raspberry Pi can assist you in everyday tasks, facilitate your coding journey, and introduce you to the world of physical computing.

Throughout the course, you'll gain valuable knowledge on remotely connecting to your Raspberry Pi and assume the role of a systems administrator. By the end, you'll have the skills to control and manage your Raspberry Pi effectively. Additionally, you'll find a wealth of resources to further expand your Raspberry Pi expertise.

More About The Program

Jellybean Academy's TEAM X-49 Ninja Special Ops Technical Agents program is not just another course about Raspberry Pi, but a unique mission resource group that combines learning with technical education and fun.

Team X-49 Agents focus on computer security and rescue missions. The program offers an exciting and approachable way for team members of all ages to learn simple and complex Raspberry Pi concepts.

Unlike other Raspberry Pi programs, Team X-49 explores the features of the Raspberry Pi through a common theme of "Identify the problem . . . find a solution. "

By enrolling and completing the Raspberry Pi Ninja  Special Ops Technical Agent program, you will learn to transform the tiny Raspberry Pi microcomputer board into a versatile tool for secret agent activities such as audio and video surveillance, Wi-Fi scanning, or playing pranks on friends. Utilize cameras or sensors to detect intruders, triggering alarms or sending alerts to your phone. Discover the activities of other computers on your network while also ensuring your anonymity on the internet.

Throughout the program, the Team Captains present technical concepts in an engaging way that is not only applicable to Raspberry Pi but also to Linux-based systems in general. As such, this course is ideal for aspiring spies, coders, hackers, circuit designers, and computer security engineers.

The program offers coding and hardware development challenges to demonstrate the versatility of the Raspberry Pi. Maybe the challenge would be to develop a code/hardware combination to create a remote listening device or maybe to create a remote proximity system.

In one of the missions, the challenge is to create a circuit that will disguise your voice as a sci-fi robot or a chipmunk, making the art of pranking fun and educational.

Overall, The Team-X49 Ninja Special Ops Technical Agent program offers a unique approach to learning Raspberry Pi concepts by combining the power of the Raspberry Pi with fundamental electronics, coding, hardware interfacing, and computer security.

The program places heavy emphasis on technical education . . . and fun!


  • 2 Sections
  • 8 Lessons
  • 0 Quizzes
  • 0 Assignments
  • 0m Duration
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Raspberry Pi Basics
5 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Getting To Know The Raspberry Pi V1.0.7
  2. Preparing Your SD Card - Hardware Setup - Desktop Tour V1.0.2
  3. Taking Control of Your Raspbrry Pi
  4. Raspberry Pi For Real World Computing
  5. Basic DC Electronics for Raspberry Pi
S.O.T.A. MISSION ASSIGNMENTS - Communications Displays
3 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Mission Assignment - LED Semaphore Communication Simulator
  2. TRI Color LED Communicator
  3. LED Bar Graph Communication Display
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