May 17, 2024

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Jellybean Media Mission Statement

“At Jellybean Media, our mission is to empower Christian organizations with innovative and impactful multimedia solutions that elevate their message and mission. We specialize in creating dynamic audio, video, and multimedia libraries, as well as interactive Flipbooks and online libraries tailored to the unique needs of Christian communities. Through our creative and technology-driven approach, we aim to support these organizations in effectively spreading the teachings of faith, fostering engagement, and building a stronger, interconnected community. Jellybean Media is dedicated to delivering high-quality, inspiring content that enhances the digital presence of Christian organizations and contributes to the meaningful growth of their outreach efforts.”

Immerse yourself in captivating, educational, and family-friendly online libraries meticously crafted for Christian organizations.

Our expertise lies in curating a diverse collection of books and magazines that span a multitude of topics and themes, ensuring a rich and fulfilling experience for all.

Each month your organization will receive a personalized, branded copy of the...


Jellybean Media Pricing Guide

Thank you for considering Jellybean Media for your multimedia development needs.

Our pricing is designed to provide excellent services while maintaining sustainability.

 Getting Started

Our Interactive Multimedia Bookcase Library services, which include branding, one-time setup, and the first-year hosting is offered for a one-time investment of  $300. Subsequent annual hosting fees are $200.  

Each organization will be provided with a link to their library for posting on their website.

Monthly Library Bookcase Updates - $200

   1.  Branded with a Personalized Inside Cover – “NEW MIGHTY MAG!” – A CHRISTIAN  MAGAZINE FOR CHILDREN delivered monthly as a PDF File which may be printed as a 2 sided booklet on 8.5″ x 11″ paper or 8.5″ x 14″ paper.

       2.  Up to 10 new interactive multimedia flipbooks added to your library per month.

       3.  Basic online library maintenance

       4.  Priority customer support

Optional Services Offered:

For Educational Course Creation / Interactive Multimedia Production / Custiomized audio / video  / animation / social media / special projects.

Customization and enhancement of multimedia content

Payment Terms

Note: The above pricing structure is flexible to accommodate the unique requirements of each client. We are committed to providing value-driven solutions that align with your goals while maintaining the affordability you deserve. If you have specific needs not covered by the packages listed, please feel free to contact us for a customized quote.

Thank you for choosing Jellybean Media. We look forward to helping you bring your multimedia vision to life.


Upon the completion of the online agreement and receipt of payment, you will receive a link to your exclusive library for integration into your website. The development process typically spans 7 to 10 business days.

We strive to maintain Biblical integrity in all our content. While certain subjects may have less clarity and room for debate, our objective is to uphold scientific accuracy and truthfulness from a Christian worldview.

We pledge to be safer than public schools, public libraries, and most children’s programs on TV. We covet the trust of parents to  provide nothing but wholesome family education, entertainment, and engagement.

Requests for cancellation of the Jellybean Media Library Updates should be submitted in writing to  Please state the reason for cancellation. 

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