April 19, 2024


Annual Subscription Plan

Only $47 per year!

Here is what is included with your annual subscription . . .

  • All of the books in the Premium Member ADVENTURE SERIES library.
  • The 8 volume set of books in THE BODY MACHINE SERIES library. Anatomy for Kids
  • All 32 books in the BIBLE BUDDIES library are written by award winning author, Richard Gunther.
  • The THINK ABOUT SCIENCE SERIES. Chocked full of amazing factual, but neglected information.
  • The complete 12 Books of the Chronicles of Ben Journeyman Series. Over 1400 pages total!
  • Unlimited access to all future Premium Member books, videos, activities.
  • No Additional Charges to Annual Premium Subscription members for added content.
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, IOS, ANDROID devices with Internet access. No installation app necessary.
  • Annual subscription auto renew until a cancellation request is submitted to Jellybean Academy.
  • No refunds after 30 days of subscription submission.